Prince Edward Island’s Sweeping Landscape

Getting to Prince Edward Island is not easy. Even from our northern New England home, it is still a 12 hour drive. And of course, as we prepared to haul up there with our three children, our transmission died in our minivan, and we ended up trekking in our 1992 Subaru wagon with no air conditioning. The drive alone was an adventure!

But once we arrived in the small town of Souris, we didn’t need to go far to relax. The cottage we had rented with friends came with its own kilometer-long private beach, at which we could swim, kayak, clam, and do things that families do at the ocean!

PEI’s red sands fell down into the sea, lilacs lined the roads, sheep wandered fields. Seals bobbed in the water, lobster was for sale on the dock, and the local mussel factory sold them for $1 a pound (we’ll take ten, please!). Some of our best memories were taking long bike rides along the ocean trails, kayaking with seals, eating fresh seafood and local potatoes, listening to the singing sands at Basin Head Provincial Park, and sitting on the beach under a full moon.

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